About Us

Drop into the ‘box’ at CrossFit Burr Ridge and you are going to run into Tim and Matt. We are excited about bringing the CrossFit community to where we live and are not going to bore you with page long bios on each of us. Yes, we have our certifications, affiliations, and years of coaching experience in CrossFit and athletics. We are proud of our backgrounds and what we believe CrossFit has helped us personally achieve.

Give us a chance to show you how CrossFit works. How it can help you reach your goals. How it can improve your general and functional fitness. We would rather have you tell the story of who we are then throw a glossy resume up here. The narrative of CrossFit Burr Ridge will always be who gets under the bar, who reaches a goal, or who makes the best sweat angel on the mat at the end of a WOD. We want our bios to be you!