Merry Christmas

We want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and can give thanks for many things.

I am going to redirect you to some great words from Rudy Nielsen of the Outlaw Way:

“This is the first time, in quite a while, I’ve had the opportunity to really sit still and quiet my thoughts. Christmas Eve has turned to a cold, rainy night, and I’ve got a few moments to post before “Santa” has to assemble all sorts of smile inducing offerings. Perhaps they’ll be life changing gifts, like the Montgomery Ward weight set I received at 4-years-old, or perhaps my spawn will play with them for a day and they’ll never be touched again. Either way, I’m honored to have the ability to bring them joy.

In this moment of silence, my thoughts have started to wander to the ladies and gentlemen who won’t have the opportunity to read instructions, lay out cookies and milk, and see the looks of elation that many of us will. From the numbers I can find, there are roughly 300,000 US Soldiers deployed worldwide (maybe someone has a more accurate number). I’ve coached, trained with, and am friends with many military personnel, and I know that many of them joined the armed forces to give their families a better life. As a parent I appreciate this desire. I, however, will never know the feeling of being a world away from your loved ones, on our most sacred and cherished holiday.

My most simple, and heartfelt desire, is to simply thank all of you. You who have given up your holiday to ensure that we may be free to enjoy ours. You who have dug 10 foot trenches, in desert sand, so you can set up pull-up bars. You who use ancient, spinless barbells, and 40-year-old Russian plates. You who will, where good Internet abides, get to experience the holiday only through Skype or photos.

You, our protecting sons and daughters, deserve our reverence and thoughts this holiday.”

Again from CFBR, Merry Christmas.  The box is closed on the 25th.

Pick your WoD if you have the time (make time):

150 Burpees for time
5k run