The Work Just Began

The partner WoD work just began at CFBR, happy Saturday!

Today is the anniversary of the start of a three day assault on the island of Okinawa by the 381st Infantry during World War II.  Their three day push led to the capture of three mountain strongholds that put control of the island in the hands of United States forces.  It capped the end of an 82 day battle for the island that resulted in approximately 63,000 U.S. casualties (12,000 killed or MIA).  In defending their homeland the Japanese military suffered over 130,000 military deaths, and with the battle on home soil, an estimate of over 100,000 civilians.

Honor the U.S. fighting spirit and determination. Respect the dedication of a past foe who defended their home (as we would). Reflect on an 82 day historical event that averaged 3000 lives lost per day.

381 Okinawa

30 minute AMRAP

12 Hand Release Push Ups

12 Box Jumps (20/16 no step ups)

12 Pull ups (Banded allowed, no ring rows)

12 Double Unders (no singles, sub out = burpees)

12 Shoulder to Overhead 65/45

*Row: One partner must row while the other is performing reps or the reps do not count.  Calories rowed are counted as reps. Partners may switch at any time.